Yocan Apex Mini – with some minor changes due to its reduced size

If you like the original Yocan Apex, then we are sure you will like the Yocan Apex mini evaporator. The Yocan Apex Mini Vaporizer is a smaller and more compact version of the innovative light pen that Yocan released a few months ago.

Yocan Apex Mini Kit review
Yocan Apex Mini Kit review

What’s in the box:
1 x Yocan Apex Mini Vaporizer
1 x QDC (Quartz Dual Coil)
1 x Dab Tool
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x User Manual

It is basically a smaller version of the original Apex with little difference, such as a smaller battery and a redesigned atomizer. Nevertheless, the Yocan new kit Apex mini evaporator provides the same powerful functions as the large evaporator, while providing you with impeccable portability.

buy Yocan Apex Mini Kit
buy Yocan Apex Mini Kit

Yocan Apex mini vaporizer takes into account the careful design and robust manufacturing quality, while focusing on the function of improving cloud quality. Of course, the Yocan Apex mini evaporator is built-in, using wave heating technology like the previous product.

It works by adjusting the heating element to the temperature profile of your choice and reducing it to 2.5 volts. This means that no matter how much you raise the temperature, the Yocan Apex Mini Vaporizer Kits will maintain a stable high and low fluctuation.

So your wax concentrate will vaporize without reaching the burning point. This means you can get all the active ingredients without the irritation you get from wax concentrates.

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