Xiaomi iK8 Personal Speaker Microphone Set – Sing Wherever and Whenever You Want

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Are you still worried about waiting in line when you go to KTV? Are you still disgusted by the turbid air in KTV? Are you still feeling helpless for snatching the microphone? What are you waiting for? Xiaomi iK8 speaker microphone set will help you solve all the troubles of going to KTV, and singing is no longer restricted.

The iK8 is a portable singing device integrating wearable device thinking, it can be divided into two to meet three modes of wearing, carrying and hanging. The function is also quite rich, in addition to satisfying the singing and music playback functions, the iK8 can also realize multiple speakers connected to one microphone, turning it into a multi-functional audio solution with enhanced sound performance.

The iK8 is composed of a split-type speaker with surround sounds and a variety of modelings and a professional-grade microphone with high-sensitivity sound collecting, three reverberation effects, and beautify sound function. Wearing the iK8 to sing, it can achieve the reverberation effect of the 30㎡ singing room that carried with you regardless of time and venue.

Xiaomi iK8 Personal Speaker Microphone Set

The iK8’s design focus is on the soft arm at the top and the magnetic design that can split it into two, which meets our needs in different scenarios. The wearing state is suitable for personal singing practice; the split state is suitable for matching the laptop to form a complete left and right channel, or adsorbing to the refrigerator in the kitchen; the hanging state of using the handle as a hook is suitable for the business place, the bar, etc.; the state of using handle as a holder is suitable for the living room, bedroom, bookshelf, and office. Rotating the combined hanging speakers can generate the spatial sense of constantly switching the left and right channels, and placing the speakers separately can achieve the stereo effect of 2.0 left and right channels.

The iK8 speaker adopts professional-grade cavity design, professional-grade op amp IC, and uses the patented technology of “Audio Wave Catheter Low-Frequency Extension Technology” to create a grand sound field, which makes the singer’s voice more magnetic and bright, beautifies the voice just like the beauty camera function, and stimulates the music cells. The ideal of this technology is that a curved conduit is built into the narrow chamber, and the sound is emitted through the duct, the bass airflow surges out to increase the bass effect. This technology only appears in HiFi products, at the same time, it also make the iK8 the heavy bass king of portable speakers, even when the rated power (RMS) is as high as 15W, the sound will not be distorted.

As a professional singing device, iK8 adopts a highly sensitive 28mm super-cardioid pointing moving coil for its 15cm microphone to avoid the negative effect of environmental noise on recording, realizes the targeted directional sound collecting and improves the sound quality of vocal. The 28mm dynamic circle is a configuration of professional-grade singing equipment.

Xiaomi iK8 Portable Speaker

The top of the iK8 has three buttons, include the most basic switch and volume up/down control. The iK8 comes with 2 connectors on the bottom, a 3.5mm audio input port and a micro USB power supply port. The 3.5mm interface is designed to meet the user’s high-quality recording needs. If you need high-quality recording, you need to use the included 3.5mm audio cable to connect to the mobile’s headphone jack through the 3.5mm high-fidelity recording port to realize lossless recording.

The handle of the iK8 is made of medical silicone material with delicate texture to avoid skin uncomfortable when hanging around the neck. Moreover, it has a very high plasticity and can be changed to the shape you want.

8 magnets are used inside the iK8 speaker, 4 on the left and 4 on the right, make it more compact in the state of being closed. When opened, the iK8 can be attached to the surface of refrigerator, metal door and other magnetic objects.

Xiaomi iK8 Personal Karaoke

Xiaomi iK8 adopts the minimalist design of the future home, with beautiful appearance, provides 4 youthful colors for option – black, red, pink, and gray. In terms of battery life, the 5200mAh speaker and 1000mAh microphone are enough for up to 10 hours of singing.

iK8 crosses the gap between mobile Internet and traditional KTV. A high-quality dynamic microphone combined with magnetic wearable design, making iK8 become a unique mobile singing device, and the best hardware partner for mobile singing APPs at present.

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