Xiaomi Mijia Ninebot Self Balancing Electric Scooter review – Double Balance Wheel

There are more than one or two children’s products launched by Xiaomi. From Xiaomi drones, children’s skateboards, millet balance cars and other products, they are all popular with rice noodles. Today is Xiaomi Mijia Ninebot Double Balance Wheel, it is a self balancing electric scooter.

buy Xiaomi Mijia Ninebot Double Balance Wheel
buy Xiaomi Mijia Ninebot Double Balance Wheel

What makes electric scooters popular? There are quite a few things: you can ride right past traffic jams, avoid crowded public transportation, travel in an eco-friendly way and be in control of your own schedule. What makes it possible is the scooters’ compact design — thus, even if you do have a long commute to work ahead of you, you will still be able to go electric at least for part of the route.

Brand: Xiaomi Mijia Ninebot
Bearing weight: 10~80kg
Applicable age: 5-50 years old
Maximum speed: Approx.10km/h
Typical running life: Approx.80min
Maximum Angle of climb: 10°
Apply to the terrain: Parks, square communities,most flat roads
Operating temperature: -10~40°
Storage temperature: -20~50°
Permissible charging temperature: 0~40°
IP level of protection: Balancing Electric Scooter IP54, Battery pack IPX6

Xiaomi Mijia Ninebot Double Balance Wheel review
Xiaomi Mijia Ninebot Double Balance Wheel review

The new scooter also features a nice control panel displaying six types of basic data including real time data and battery consumption. Right next to the control panel, you will see a red button that comes with loads of functionality: you can use it to turn the scooter on and off, select a riding mode, etc.

At the same time, because of the increase in the durability of the Xiaomi Mijia scooter, there are also changes in details, such as the increase in weight, the increase in the thickness and width of the main battery part of the vehicle.

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