Huawei Honor xSport AM61 Earphone – 1 hours of music or call time

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It is well known that glory used to be a series of Huawei’s products. However, in the past year, glory seems to be going to Huawei. All the products are packaged without Huawei’s words, and some products are similar to Huawei’s product positioning. Today we will introduce a new earphone Honor xSport AM61, of course, still from Huawei brand.

Front Box
Here’s the front box of the device. It’s just plain basic information and how does the Bluetooth headphones look like if you wear it around your neck. Bluetooth version is 4.0 which means, it’s compatible with all the latest devices from pc to smart phone.

HUAWEI Honor AM61 XSports Earphones review

HUAWEI Honor AM61 XSports Earphones review

On the other side of the box, it shows what’s inside of the box. Such as the small case for the headphone, several shark-fin ear-wing types of earbuds, and the Micro USB charging cable. Very informative, knowing that other of its competitor doesn’t provide this service.

Reception without problems in the calls and without interruption of the musical experience.

Play, pause or change the volume can be done from the headset with in-line controls through the buttons, offering the power to answer the phone through the built-in button in the headphones without stopping your physical activity to use it.

Huawei Honor xSport AM61 Wireless Bluetooth Earphone for sale

Huawei Honor xSport AM61 Wireless Bluetooth Earphone for sale

Specially designed for sports fans with resistance to water, sweat, and dust, allowing you to enjoy music no matter what activity you are in.

Design and Construction
The HUAWEI Honor AM61 Sports Earphones have a completely ergonomic design for the ear; They are light with only 19.7 grams, perfect for extensive use and high-intensity workouts, with three in-line buttons and adaptable magnetic headphones to prevent disconnection.

The HUAWEI Honor AM61 XSports Earphones feature robust materials such as MEMS silicon, which together with Bluetooth noise reduction technology and windproof cavity design, guarantee excellent call quality. Undoubtedly the HUAWEI Honor AM61 Earphones are some of the toughest headphones you can find in earphones market.

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