Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ Review: A Smaller And Lower Cost Version of Model B+

January 26, 2019 By admin 0

The Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ is a new motherboard from the hot selling Pi family, which is smaller and cheaper than Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with most features we need. You could say the Raspberry Pi 3 A+ is a smaller and lower cost version of the Model B+. Let’s find out more.

The size of Raspberry Pi 3 A+ is 65 x 56mm, which is identical to the original Pi A+ board. And the location of all of the ports and external connections are also the same place as all of its predecessors. Like most of the Pi family, the A+ comes with a 40-pin GPIO header, which is used to connect the A+ to sensors, motors. In addition, A+ doesn’t have B+’s gigabit Ethernet port. It only has a single USB 2.0 port. There are 2 ports for connecting cameras and displays.

The Raspberry Pi 3 A+ has a quad-core Broadcom BCM2837B0 processor clocked at 1.4GHz, along with 512MB LPDDR2 SDRAM. This is the same chip used by the larger Raspberry Pi 3 B+. With the same configuration, Model A+ performs like Model B+. Unlike the original A+ motherboard, Model A+ now supports dual-band 11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2/BLE. That means that you can set up network connectivity, keyboard and mouse without using the USB port. making it even more flexible to use. It is worth mentioning that the Pi 3 A+ has a micro sd port for loading your operating system and storing data.

Raspberry Pi 3 A+ has another impressive feature. That is the H.264 video encoder, which is capable of playing back 1080p video at 30fps.

Raspberry Pi 3 A+ is really a cheap and powerful control board. Raspberry Pi surprise us again with this little thing. It has the same processor and wireless connectivity as the B+, meaning that it performs greatly like B+. With a cheaper price and smaller size, A+ has become a popular motherboard on the market. You can find it at Gearvta with a good price.

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