Popreel PK1 Pod – uwell just take a puff is as simple as inhaling?

We offer another pod system kit with extraordinary design – Popreel PK1 Pod, designed by Chinese manufacturer Uwell. Well-known Chinese company Uwell has launched a new product in the form of a compact pod system called the Uwell Popreel PK1 Pod.

Uwell Popreel PK1 Kit review
Uwell Popreel PK1 Kit review

Dimensions: 70.4mm * 45mm * 13.5mm
Material: PCTG, PC, ABS
Weight: 35.9g
Battery: 520 mAh
Charging: USB Type-C
Power: 13W
Capacity: 2 ml
Cartridge: FeCrAI UN2 Meshed-H 1.2 ohm

The device has received a set of the most necessary features, as well as some brand characteristics of the manufacturer, as well as a recognizable design.

The Popreel PK1 Pod system is similar to the Popreel P1 Pod, with pastel colors and a streamlined, sleek body. The device’s color palette is currently limited to four options.

The novel design includes a cartridge and a battery pack held together by a set of magnets. The battery pack has a built-in 520mAh battery, which is recommended to be charged through the USB Type-C interface.

The pod system kit automatically provides up to 13 watts of power when tightened. The unit’s filter element is equipped with proprietary Pro-FOCS technology, which extends the life of the built-in evaporator.

Uwell Popreel PK1 for sale
Uwell Popreel PK1 for sale

The latter is made on a grid. For refilling, a removable suction nozzle is provided and the reservoir has a capacity of 2 ml. The device comes with an additional mouthpiece and lanyard.

The Uwell device is characterized by a light weight of only 35.9 grams, which is achieved by using lightweight materials in the design: PCTG, ABS and PC.

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Vaporesso GEN Fit 40 Kit – refills via a top-located juice port

In today’s article, we invite you to get acquainted with the new starter kits of the GEN series of the Chinese brand Vaporesso. Popular company Vaporesso recently launched the next product in the GEN family – GEN Fit 40.

vaporesso gen fit 40 kit review
vaporesso gen fit 40 kit review

Dimensions: 117.9mm * 32.25mm * 22.53mm
Battery: 2000 mAh
Charging: USB Type-C, 5V/2A
Power: 5-40W
Display: 0.42″ OLED
Tank capacity: 3.5ml
Coils: GTX 1.2ohm / GTX 0.6ohm Mesh

A kit called the GEN Fit 40 Kit has a compact size, a clean look, and a set of the most essential features, along with some branding features from the manufacturer.

The GEN Fit 40 kit includes a battery pack of the same name and a maintenance-free iTank X atomizer. Both devices come in six colors, ranging from bright options to more restrained options.

The whole set differs in its compact size and moderate weight. Metals and plastics are used as primary manufacturing materials.

The box mod is equipped with an integrated battery with a capacity of 2000 mAh. For charging, the manufacturer provides a modern USB Type-C connector that supports currents up to 2 A maximum power.

Vaporesso GEN Fit 40 Kit in stock
Vaporesso GEN Fit 40 Kit in stock

The Vaporesso device features a wattage mode in the 5-40 watt range and a monochrome OLED display on top for greater convenience to users.

The atomizer, in turn, allows you to fine-tune the tightness of the puff from MTL to RDL using a special ring and several holes under it. The 3.5 ml vape tank is top filled.

Declare Brand Leak-Resistant SSS 2.0 Leak-Resistant. The entire line of GTX replacements acts as vaporizers, and the package includes 1.2 ohm and 0.6 ohm consumables.

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Uwell Caliburn AK2 Pod Kit Review – Appearance nice or Quality excellent?

The Uwell Caliburn AK2 pod system has become a pretty likable system, and as far as I know, it may be a strong competitor to my beloved Smok Nord. So as you can tell I have been dying to get my hands on one!

Uwell Caliburn AK2 review
Uwell Caliburn AK2 review

Size: 110×21.2×11.6mm
Material: Aluminium Alloy, PP, PC, ABS
E-liquid Capacity: 2ml
Battery: 520mAh (internal)
Output: 11W (max)
Pod resistance: 1.4ohm
Button or automatic fire control
Fault diagnosis function
Top fill pods

Uwell Caliburn is a small device designed to operate with higher resistance coils at low power. Pod kits are usually designed to be used with e-liquids with higher nicotine content, and are generally beneficial to MTL (mouth-to-lung) e-cigarette users who want to feel similar to smoking.

We cover this in detail in our DTL and MTL vaping style guide. Therefore, Caliburn meets all these requirements-the battery part of the device contains a 520mAh battery, which you can charge through the micro USB port in the base.

buy Uwell Caliburn AK2
buy Uwell Caliburn AK2

There is a battery indicator to notify you of the remaining power. Caliburn can be fired by pressing the fire button, or it can be activated by simply inhaling after the device is turned on. Although the appearance of the kit is not offensive, it is slightly dull.

The surface treatment and weight almost feel a bit “cheap”, which is surprising. You can click here to learn more details at online vape shop: https://vapesourcing.com/uwell-caliburn-ak2-kit.html

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Uwell Caliburn A2 preview – with multiple circuit protection

One of the most popular e-cigarettes in the world is now being upgraded again. Introducing the new Uwell Caliburn A2. Caliburn 2 has a 520mAh battery capacity and a higher 15w power output, making it easier to use than ever.
buy uwell caliburn a2 kit
Dimensions – 110mm by 21.3mm by 11.7mm
Integrated 520mAh Rechargeable Battery
Maximum Wattage Output: 15W
Aluminum-Alloy Chassis Construction
Intuitive Firing Button – Draw or Button Activated
LED Battery Life Indicator Light
2mL Pod Capacity

The Uwell device now has a newly redesigned pod, which can bring a more comfortable feeling when smoking e-cigarettes, and has a see-through panel on the top of the device, so you will never get a dry blow from an empty pod again.
uwell caliburn a2 kit for sale
In this case, it is not superfluous to spend time studying the appearance of disposable vape pod kit e-cigarettes. It’s worth starting with the dimensions-this is an almost square, medium-sized box.

Decoration is available-it is mainly represented by various prints. The color scheme will naturally change according to the taste of the pre-filled liquid.

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