Washable And Reusable: BP MODS TMD BORO Tank

September 16, 2022 By admin 0

BP MODS TMD BORO Tank is the latest atomizer released recently, from the Dovpo brand, and now you can buy this product at vape store. Dovpo is a brand that has developed very fast in the e-cigarette industry in recent years. In the categories of atomizer, rta, and various accessories, we can see Dovpo. BP MODS TMD BORO is a heavy-duty tank launched by Dovpo. It is deeply loved by vapers for its excellent performance and some outstanding performances that are different from other tanks. Today I will introduce you to this dark horse that came out of nowhere.

The capacity of BP MODS TMD BORO vape tanks is 5ml, and you can inject e-liquid within this capacity range. The part that stores the e-juice is completely transparent, and you can directly see the use of the e-juice, including the internal accessories can also be clearly seen with the naked eye. The shell is made of PCTG material, which can bring you a very satisfying vape experience. BP MODS TMD BORO is equipped with BP MODS TMD Mesh Coil 0.3ohm and BP MODS TMD Pro 0.5ohm, and is also compatible with many other coil specifications. At the same time, what is very surprising is that this atomizer supports cleaning and reuse, you don’t need to replace it frequently, and you can keep the device clean according to your actual usage.


Capacity: 5ml
Material: PCTG
Fit For: BB Style Mods
TMD Pro 0.55Ω (RDL)/1.05Ω (MTL) Coil
TMD Mesh 0.3Ω (DL)/0.8Ω (MTL) Coil
GTX Below 0.6Ω/RBA Coil

Anti-condensate cotton piece
Compatible with BB Style Mods
Tank compatible with Boro type boxes
Tightness somatosensory airflow
Supports RDL/MTL/DL vaping
Filling from the side
Washable and reusable
Easy to adjust

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