2022 New Release: Vaptex Boxmo Rechargeable Disposable Vape

August 4, 2022 By admin 0

Vaptex’s newly released disposable cigarette products are already available for purchase at vape online. This Vaptex Boxmo with PEMT and AACT technology marks a huge change and progress in innovation in the electronic cigarette industry. Released in May of this year, it is the world’s first vape to combine two innovative technologies, always ready to provide you with a tailored e-cigarette experience.

The first technology that the Vaptex Boxmo is equipped with is PEMT, or photolithographic mesh technology, which aims to make the mesh coil heating more even and precise, through efficient, powerful, and fast strikes, thus providing a higher quality flavor. The second technology is called AACT, the full name of which is automatic airway cleaning technology. Since the protrusion in the airway will directly affect the use of electronic cigarettes, the designer designed a unique structure to heat the liquid on the coil to prevent the airway. Spit out, which essentially guarantees the quality of the vape.

The Vaptex Boxmo 5000 Puffs disposable vape pens are very small, and although many e-cigarettes on the market have a similar shape, you can still see the uniqueness of this single-use device at a glance. The gradient color, the shape that has been adjusted many times, the ergonomically designed grip, and the ease of use and portability make it a unique and thoughtful product.

The VAPTEX BOXMO comes pre-assembled with 13ml of 50mg nicotine salts and comes with a 650mAh battery that provides up to 5000puffs of puffs. No need to refill, unlimited charging and battery life, ready to use. The super functions make it more than just a simple disposable electronic cigarette, with it you can get a unique vaping experience.

vaptex boxmo rechargeable disposable

Easy to use
No maintenance required
Cheaper in the short term
1.2-ohm Mesh MTL Coil
No refilling required
650mAh Type-C charge
13ml large capacity
Recharge with Type C
Up to 5000 Puffs.
Super portable
Contains satisfying nicotine salts

vaptex boxmo Flavors:
Blue Razz Lemonade: tart lemonade blended with blue raspberry
Banana Ice: sweet and creamy banana with cool mint
Black Currant: fresh blackcurrant berries
Peach Mango Watermelon: summer vibe, peach, mango, watermelon party
Strawberry Milkshake: smooth and creamy with berries
Peach Ice: juicy peach flavour with cool menthol
Mango Ice: juicy and sweet mango flavor
Tropical Fruit: different exotic fruits
Strawberry Ice: sweet strawberries with ice
Watermelon Ice: fresh and sweet watermelon with the cool ice hit

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