Vaporesso Osmall – great price for anyone who is just about to switch to vaping

An interesting novelty called Vaporesso Osmall. This is a simple Pod with automatic tightening and a small amount of refillable cartridge.

Vaporesso OSMALL Pod Kit review
Vaporesso OSMALL Pod Kit review

Output power: 11 watts,
Battery capacity: 350 mAh,
Cartridge capacity : 2 ml,
Evaporator resistance: 1.2 Ohms

Vaporesso Osmall is made of plastic. Available in 8 colors: black, blue, brown, gray, red, purple, blue and gold. Equipped with a variation of OMNI board with a set of protections and automatic traction. Works on a maintenance-free cartridge with flax wick.

The cartridge has a built-in narrowing drip tip. The tank received a volume of 2 ml. Refueling is located on the side of the classic. Inside is a vertical space of 1.2 ohms. A branded linen cotton is used as a wick to improve the taste transfer. The kit comes with only one cartridge.

buy Vaporesso OSMALL Pod Kit
buy Vaporesso OSMALL Pod Kit

The cartridge is inserted on either side, the thrust does not change. The body is made mainly of textured plastic. On the front side there is a nameplate with the name of the device. On the back there is a charge level indicator. The charging port is located below.

It is similar in height and width to the RPM40 kit, only much narrower. The tank dangles slightly in the compartment, but when using this it is almost imperceptible. The cartridge is mainly designed for the use of liquids with a high nicotine content of 12-15 mg. The thrust was tighter than that of Caliburn, comparable to Uwell Yearn, not quite a “cigarette”.

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