Forecum FK-D009 433Mhz Wireless Solar Doorbell review – ensures you answer the door in time

If you are at home, you may not hear the door knock of visitors. Forecum FK-D009 is a wireless solar doorbell that made of ABS, has 36 different melodies to choose from. The doorbell is connected to receiver wirelessly at 433MHz, the distance from the receiver can be up to 100 meters away.

Forecum FK-D009 433Mhz doorbell review
Forecum FK-D009 433Mhz doorbell review

Product Features:
● No power required, supports solar power charging, with 2 LED night lights.
● IP44 weatherproof and acceptable for outdoor use.
● Easy to install, simply plug the receiver into a power outlet (the plug-in

buy Forecum FK-D009 433Mhz doorbell
buy Forecum FK-D009 433Mhz doorbell

receiver does not require a battery), then use double-sided tape to mount the button base on the wall.
● 36 different ringtones, 4 adjustable volume, from 20db to 80db.
● A huge range in open spaces, up to 100m/300ft performance range.
● Receiver with plug, EU/US models for optional.

The volume of the Forecum FK-D009 Solar Doorbell is set to 4 levels, from 20 to 80db. The doorbell is powered by a 150mAh rechargeable battery that takes 4 hours through the sun to fully charge and can then work 8 to 12 hours continuously.

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