Xiaomi Youpin Deerma CM1910 review – as a household Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are familiar to everyone. Many households of vacuum cleaners are easy to use because they are carpeted. However, huge vacuum cleaners will make many people dislike them. Vacuum cleaners that are light and do not take up a clean place are the first choice for modern life. Today, I would like to recommend a Deerma CM1910 vacuum cleaner for Xiaomi.

XIAOMI YOUPIN Deerma CM1910 Household Vacuum Cleaner review
XIAOMI YOUPIN Deerma CM1910 Household Vacuum Cleaner review

If the Delma vacuum cleaner disassembles all the disassembled areas, you will find that it will have as many as 15 parts. It is also officially because these parts make this vacuum cleaner flexible, and from one form to another, it can be done simply by pulling out the insert.

For this type of hand-held Xiaomi new release 2019 vacuum cleaner, the main part is mainly small capacity, which is not so heavy and clumsy. This vacuum cleaner still looks very suitable for home use. Simple handles, ready to use. However, the position of the power cord cannot be inconvenient because of its good looks. It is easy to block the forward road in front of the body.

The garbage storage bin is also well designed. It is very good to separate the garbage through the two-layer filter, and it can be directly adsorbed for fine dust. The garbage filter needs to be cleaned from time to time.

buy XIAOMI YOUPIN Deerma CM1910 Vacuum Cleaner
buy XIAOMI YOUPIN Deerma CM1910 Vacuum Cleaner

The filter can be washed by washing, but the water on the filter must be dried before the next use. Disassembly of the garbage storage bin is still very easy to disassemble. Every place related to garbage should be cleaned, so that the effect will be good when it is used next time.

As a household cleaning tool, Xiaomi Delmar vacuum cleaners still have a good performance. From cleaning the floor to cleaning the cabinets and gaps in the home, there are different countermeasures. This is worthy of praise.

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