Xiaomi MB1810 Morse Password Music Box review – Full of vintage elements and literary style

Recently, we have accidentally discovered a very good-looking product. It is a Xiaomi MB1810 Music Box. It is different from the common types of music boxes such as crystal ball and carousel in the market. It has a retro style and is very delicate. Let’s have a look.

xiaomi morse password music box review
xiaomi morse password music box review

Brand: Xiaomi
Model: MB1810
Materials: Wood
Type: Children Learning and Exercising Type
Nature: Music Box
Gender: Unisex

Xiaomi Morse Password Music Box also chooses beech wood in the material, and it is made of wood color. It has no processing and coloring. It has considerable artistic value and historical value. It has the advantages of firmness and impact resistance.

buy Xiaomi MB1810 Morse music box
buy Xiaomi MB1810 Morse music box

It can make shapes and textures. The color is soft and smooth, it is the unique wood in Jiangnan, and it is also one of the materials of domestic high-end furniture. Using wood materials to make a product, it seems that when we returned to childhood, the wooden toys that our parents and grandfather gave us with wood, although simple, have great significance.

The most creative and surprising thing about this product is that the frontal Xiaomi Morse Music Box has a special meaning of I MISS YOU. The attached manuals and cards can be compared with the crack, interactive and full of fun, and touch your heart bit by bit.

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