Xiaomi Mi 4A Router Gigabit Edition review – with Dual Core 880MHz

June 6, 2019 By admin 0

Hello, everyone. On the evening of March 12, Xiaomi released the Xiaomi router 4A and Xiaomi router 4A Gigabit. From the appearance, the shape of the Mi router 4A and the Mi router 4 are basically the same, four antenna design.

Previously, the “A” suffix was not the first time in the Xiaomi router family. In combination with the 3/3A difference, 4A may be “subscribed” on the processor, memory, and ROM. Currently, the Xiaomi router 4 uses the MT7621A dual core. Processor, 128MB DDR3 memory, 128MB SLC flash.

In addition, due to the separate Gigabit version, Xiaomi Router 4A may cut off Gigabit WAN port and LAN port, while Gigabit version may be 1 Gigabit WAN port + 1 Gigabit LAN + 1 100M LAN .

xiaomi router 4a gigabit review

xiaomi router 4a gigabit review

In fact, the Xiaomi router 4 family already has 99 yuan millet router 4Q and 4C, but both are 2.4GHz single frequency + 100 megabytes, 4A positioning should be slightly higher, and the price is also affordable(in gearvita now has discount only $29.99)

It is reported that the sales of Xiaomi router has exceeded 12.2 million units. In terms of specifications, Xiaomi Router 4 is equipped with 128M memory + 128M flash memory, CPU upgrade to MT7621A, and the maximum number of access devices is up to 128. According to the official introduction, when multiple devices are connected at the same time to generate a large amount of data transmission, the networking of each device can be ensured.

Xiaomi router 4 is equipped with a WAN port and two LAN ports are Gigabit Ethernet ports. With 2.4G/5G dual-band Wi-Fi, you can fully utilize the power of 100Mbps/200Mbps or even 500Mbps bandwidth, allowing users to enjoy high-speed network.

xiaomi router 4a gigabit for sale

xiaomi router 4a gigabit for sale

In addition, Xiaomi Router 4 adds MiNET function, designed MiNET button for the networking access requirements of smart devices such as Xiaomi and Mijia, and supports MIOT fast Wi-Fi connection protocol. New smart devices are no longer needed when networking for the first time. For complex networking settings in the APP, simply press the MiNET button to quickly connect the smart device to the router.

From the point of view, Xiaomi mi router 4a gigabit adopts simple and slim design, equipped with 4 omnidirectional high-gain antennas, large-area aluminum-magnesium alloy heat sink and high thermal conductivity thermal adhesive, combined with large-area opening design at the bottom, which can effectively improve The heat dissipation efficiency of the whole machine.

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