Xiaomi FREETIE Cross Sneakers Sports Running Shoes review – Wear a shape, the wind under the feet

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Unconsciously, noise hot summer has quietly come. I believe that many of my friends like to stick to morning and night running. Recently, Xiaomi Youpin Mall has just launched a new Cross sneaker made by FREETIE, today we will share the experience with everyone.

Xiaomi FREETIE Cross Sneakers review

Xiaomi FREETIE Cross Sneakers review

As a Xiaomi new release 2019 ecological chain enterprise, FREETIE is produced by Dongguan Yuanchuang Zhixing Garment Technology. The box also inherits Xiaomi’s simple and simple leather yellow corrugated carton, and there is no extra text and box painting, only the LOGO is printed in the middle. On the side, there are specific information such as the site, so there is no more photo taking.

In fact, personal suggestion that if the shoe box is made into a transparent storage box, it is beneficial to environmental protection (not to be thrown), and also saves the trouble of storing shoes when not wearing.

FREETIE Clouds Cross Casual Sneakers are available in dark grey and black and white. The sizes range from 39-44. Although it sounds like the feeling of “senior shoes”. But in fact, it was still amazing when I got it. The one I started with is dark gray, but the color is stitched in the part.

buy Xiaomi FREETIE Cross Sneakers

buy Xiaomi FREETIE Cross Sneakers

The whole shoe changes from light gray to dark black from head to tail, and the special “forward” sign of the middle cloud is also bright. Green processing, this mix and match + color processing is in place, it seems both stylish and stylish.

The entire upper is like a “sandwich”. The upper is made of fine and porous mesh. The foot feels comfortable and natural, and the breathability is quite good. Keep your feet dry and let your feet breathe. Going out in the summer will not sweat your feet.

I sweat a lot. I used to wear some sneakers. The ankles are very uncomfortable. I feel very uncomfortable. After putting on these Xiaomi FREETIE Cross Sneakers, I feel the wind under my feet and directly feedback to the feet. It is refreshing and cool.

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