Microwear h7 Smartwatch Wristwatch review – suitable for swimming

May 23, 2019 By admin 0

Microwear is back again with a new generation of smartwatches Microwear H7, the Microwear still keeping the same design which is rugged and rectangular as well.

Microwear H7 has 1.54 inch, 320 x 320 resolution with the full touchable screen protected with a glass mirror, having an alloy body with a TPU strap. The smartwatch also has a 5MP camera as well as an IP68 waterproof that is suitable for swimming but do not use it in hot water shower.

Microwear H7 4G Smartwatch review

Microwear H7 4G Smartwatch review

Microwear H7 takes advantage of 2 side keys and the touchscreen. Compared to other models of the same price range, we are certainly at a higher level. The strap is comfortable, soft and silky, it does not create problems with long sleeves thanks to the case limited thickness.

It has a quick release system for replacement with other models or for more thorough cleaning. The Microwear H7 Comes as 124 Grams. Its total measures are 53x40x14MM. Also, it has at least 2 physical buttons that each one fulfills a specific function.

microwear h7 smart watch in stock

microwear h7 smart watch in stock

The Microwear H7 is made of metal with good finishes and only features a button on the right side that allows you to activate the clock or return from any menu to the hour display. On the left side, we can find a microphone and behind the heart rate sensor and the magnetic connector to charge the watch.

The application is translated tragically, and my favorite mistake is the name of the pairing – here known as “gluing”. There are a lot of such flowers. For this part of Microwear H7 receives a small minus.

Microwear H7 Smartwatch is interesting primarily as an independent smartwatch with a mode of operation as a smartphone, in addition to interacting with its main phone. most Smartwatchs are limited only by the basic functionality of a smartwatch in the form of an external curtain with notifications.

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